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[Almost a week ago Mithos had returned from a mission, the first he'd ever volunteered for. It may have seemed a strange choice for someone who trusted no one, who loathed being a pawn for others, to submit himself as a lab rat for combat testing, but his choices are narrowing around him. There is something he is after. Something he can finally close his fingers around, after watching it all scream past him for so long. If he is going to be used by the Malnosso regardless of his choices, it is better that he gains something from it - which he'd had to remind himself many times to dampen the sour taste sitting in the back of his throat.

Now back in the village, he has resumed the same quiet routine as before. In the early morning, before the sun is too hot in the sky, and before too many villagers are awake, he can be seen hunched over in the garden around House 52. He tries not to wonder if the flowers, planted with the thin hope that his sister might have the chance to enjoy them, amount to anything more than a vain effort. When he decides he needs more supplies, he makes sure to visit the flower shop in the early afternoon - wondering, like a scratch in the back of his mind, if school is still in session at all, or if he'll run into someone he would rather not see at all.

Later in the day, he withdraws to the woods south of the village to train. Four thousand years of fighting are wired inside his muscles, but it doesn't hurt to stay as sharp as possible. He's still getting used to the subtle differences between a proper sword and the knife he now relies on. Slicing the air, going through the motions of killing, he feels like he is building something. When he's done, he settles in against the base of a tree and draws the ancient set of panpipes from his pocket. He usually prefers to play inside, where the music of his sister cannot be heard by prying ears, but surrounded by the forest and his thoughts he can almost forget that people exist. And so the notes come out, clear and steady.]
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[Mithos had come to in the forest, and the first thing he knew was that he was alone. The second thing he knew was that the mana here was so thin he couldn't sense it at all. A ripple of alarm spread through him, reaching wider with each second, but he forced himself to remain calm. He called out the names of his companions, but he didn't expect to hear any response cutting through the silence of the trees. His immediate concern is warmth. Through the trees, their limbs black and bare, he can make out the shapes of houses in the near distance - a village. He knows he can't risk venturing inside, especially if he doesn't even know where he is. The clothes he had woken up in are loose on his frame and they provide some protection against the cold, but they can't compare to a warm cloak. The upside of being a mage, however, is that you can build a fire in no time.

Once the flames are crackling, he can turn his attention to his next concern: the small book he had found in the snow, with his name embossed on the cover. He leafs through it, curious. And piece by piece, he figures out how to use it.]

[WRITTEN - mediocrely filtered to Kratos and Yuan]

Kratos and Yuan,

I found your names in this journal device. I hope this message finds its way to you. Where are you, and is Martel with you? I'm somewhere in the woods, but I don't know how I got here. I can see a village nearby, but I haven't approached and I don't know what village it is.

Please reply quickly.


[Later, once the situation has been sorted out and he's settled in at House 8 with his two best bros in the whole wide world, he opens his journal again, this time to address a larger audience. He's had a lot to think about, a lot to digest. And perhaps his next move is foolish, but he feels that it's something he must do.]


Good afternoon. Thank you for taking the time to listen... This message may not seem important, and maybe it will mean nothing to you...but it means something to me. My name is Mithos Yggdrasill. I arrived here earlier today, and the situation has been explained to me clearly enough. I'm not here to ask about that. [A small pause in which he can practically hear Yuan rolling his eyes from somewhere in the house, and his lips twtch in quiet amusement for a second before he calmly continues.]

I come from a world in conflict. Until recently, two powerful countries were at war - for nearly a thousand years, they fought each other for land and resources and power. That war has ended, but there is another, perhaps even more deeply-rooted war that still rages. People hold a lot of prejudices against each other. Elves look down on humans, and they look down on half-elves for having human blood inside them. Humans fear and despise half-elves for posessing magic that they lack. Everyone looks for someone else to blame. They look for someone they can put down to make themselves feel superior.

I don't know what your home worlds are like. Maybe they're similar to the world I know, or maybe everyone has learned to live together peacefully. I just want to be clear... I don't want to deceive anybody.

I happen to be a half-elf. I'm staying in the village right now, but if that makes you uncomfortable, I... Well, no, I won't understand. Whatever my blood may be, I'm no different from any of you. But I'll respect your wishes. I don't mean to cause trouble while I'm here.

That's all I wanted to say.


[In the afternoon, delighted to learn that literally nobody cares that he's a half-elf, Mithos wanders out to explore the village more fully. First stop: clothes that fit better, because the set he woke up in were clearly meant for someone taller. He'll linger around the plaza, checking out each shop and stopping by the smithy to procure a sword. He doesn't expect to find the Eternal Sword here, but he feels a little naked without any blade at all at his side. He can be found anywhere in the village, a thoughtful look on his face as he learns the streets.]

[OOC NOTE: For those unfamiliar with Tales of Symphonia, or those who need a refresher, Mithos has returned from a mallynap thrown 4000 years into the past, to a time when he was this totally cool hero who stopped a war, stopped the world from dying, worked to end discrimination, and things like that. It's also worth noting that, to anyone who knows him, it will be apparent that he is younger - shorter, rounder face, higher voice. Basically how he was a year ago so his icons are actually accurate again. But he's still recognizable as himself.

Also, I'm staying with a friend tonight and then tomorrow we drive back to campus, so I'll be tagging as much as I can today but after that I won't be around again until late Wednesday night at the earliest. Just a heads up!]
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[Friday afternoon finds Mithos dragging a granite statue through the streets of Luceti. It will look familiar to those who can claim Aselia as their home world, carved adoringly in the likeness of a young man wielding dual swords. The figure is planted atop a base that bears a plaque engraved with the simple honor, "The Hero Lloyd Irving." All together, it stands at about three and a half feet, scaled down from the original model.

For Mithos, it's a bitter reminder of things that could never have been. Its sudden appearance in his house had been an elbow nudging him sharply in the ribs, an obnoxious stage whisper prompting, "Hey, remember that time all your hopes and dreams were crushed?"

Yes, yes he remembers.

Which is why he had to get rid of it. The first day, he dragged the statue behind the house, let it topple into the river, and watched the determined stony face sink below the surface. The next morning, it found its way back to his living room. Each day, he drags it farther away, and each morning it proudly comes back.

His route today takes him up from the south end of the village through the north end and into the woods. The farther away, the better.]
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previously in the life of Mithos, introspection, sadness, etc. )

[In the afternoon, he opens his journal for the first time since he fled from the village. In the emptiness left by a chain of disappearances, the questions that have rung dissonantly in his ears for more than a year seem more urgent than ever. He's turned these questions over and over in his mind and found no answers. He's touched on some of the barbed facets, but backed out before too many ugly implications could gleam.

With no one to confide in, he's desperate enough, unhinged from himself enough, to resort to the general masses, although he doubts they have anything worthwhile to say. Maybe he just wants to argue to have something to do that isn't mourning, obsessing, wishing. Before he starts writing, he'll block the journal's camera to black out his image.]


Happiness. What does it mean to you? How would you define it?

What if something you thought would make you happy doesn't? What if the things that will make you happy turn out to be impossibilities? [He pauses. His pen lingers over the next thought for a few moments.]

When is it no longer worth it?


[Should anyone for any reason find themselves at the base of the mountains stretching above the farmlands, they might run into an elusive WILD MITHOS as he travels to the stream at regular intervals to collect water. Or maybe they stumble across his Mithos cave, drawn in by the smoky smell of burning wood. Maybe he isn't even there when they come by, and boy, will they regret stopping to poke around.]

[EDIT: I really want to apologize for my glacial tagging speed, even though I've already done so a few times. School is really busy and stressful so 1. I have little time to tag and 2. when I do have time, I have no energy and my brain is one big fart. I hope you can all be patient with me...things should be a little better in about 2 weeks (November 21st ish)!]
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[On Saturday afternoon, villagers may notice a peculiar sight while out and about in their daily routines. Or maybe they've learned not to question anything that happens here, so they won't pay any mind to Freyjadour as he carries a damp and shivering Mithos through town in what is generally described as 'bridal style'.

...There's an explanation for this. Really.

It has something to do with being unceremoniously dumped into the fountain upon return from a death penalty removal, a minor inconvenience known as pain-killers, and a major inconvenience known as muscular atrophy.

Feel free to awkwardly run into them at any point during the trek to House 11. Tread close enough and snippets of arguments are likely to be heard:]

Put me down...! I am fine.

You can't even stand. Stop struggling, please.

[Or maybe something like:]

I don't need your help.

Yes, you do...just calm down.

[They stop to rest a few times along the way, because while Mithos isn't exactly heavy, he still isn't exactly light either. And he refuses to make this easy on Frey, putting up a constant sruggle against his hold. Good thing there are benches to sit on. And awkward, sullen silence to enjoy, in which Mithos pointedly looks the other way and Freyjadour just has a patient if long suffering look on his face.]

[LATER ACTION - House 11]

Throughout the rest of the day, Mithos has taken up temporary residence on the living room sofa of House 11. The side effects of the drugs have worn off, but he's still in no condition to go off on his own. According to Frey, anyway. Regardless of his condition, a house full of humans is one of the last places he wants to be. House members, come gawk at the grumpy kid in the living room all you want. He defnitely looks like he could use a little company, right? ...Right?]

[OOC NOTE: As you probably expected, responses in the earlier part will come from both Mithos and Freyjadour. Surprise on who will tag first, decided on a thread by thread basis. Later action portion may or may not include threadjacking from Frey or Kaori. You have been warned, friends.]
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[Martel had been kidnapped by the Malnosso droids about a week ago and no matter how many times she's taken from him, Mithos can't get used to it. There's the same plummeting feeling in his stomach, the same moment of weak knees nearly buckling. The aching that won't go away. And at night, indelible memories scrape through his head with a vengeance. Crumpling to the ground with blood blooming on her clothes and color draining from her face-- He startles awake long before the sun rises, feeling small in the empty house. Still and silent, he sits in the dark. He can think of one person who is undoubtedly awake at this hour too, and after a long moment of debate he decides to reach for his journal and start writing.]

[WRITTEN - private to Sayo | 100%] )


[He falls back into uneasy sleep eventually, and when he wakes up again he has errands to busy himself with. Food is running low...and he wants to check on something on the flower shop too. Hoping to avoid people as much as possible, he ventures out early in the morning with a canvas bag for groceries slung over his shoulder. Maybe he shouldn't be living by himself, but in the months since his death penalty was first placed on him he's become more skillful with his crutches. There is something to be said for stubbornness too. Above all else, he has to convince himself that his sister will be returned soon... He moves through the village as briskly as he can, eyes vigilant and senses finely tuned - the sooner he can return, the better.]

[VOICE - private to Kaori | 100%] )
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[You would think that being a shut-in would protect against the sudden hoards of new feathers.

Then again, the fourth wall is completely busted. So feel free to walk right inside. That irate glare? It means he would love to have some company, really!]
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[On Saturday morning, as the blizzard dissipates to a gentler snowfall, a seven-year-old boy wakes up in the village. He might look a little familiar if you squint... Mithos didn't wake up in his bed in his nice warm house with his sister in the next bed over smiling and saying good morning like always. Instead, he woke up on the cold and not very nice ground outside, and his sister was nowhere to be seen. This was a first in his short life. He was very scared, but he didn't cry. Except maybe a little, because it was a really scary thing to have happen. But he reasoned that he's here, so his sister must be here too because they're never very far apart.

The buildings around him don't look the same as the ones in his town, and he wonders where he is and how he got here. His sister must be looking for him right now, and he will wait for her because he is a good brother. He sees a funny little book with his name on it, sitting in the snow nearby, and he picks it up. It must be his if his name is on the front. It is very cold outside. Snow is falling down. He shivers and hugs himself and wishes he had his sister. And a coat. His back feels funny too, but backs are hard to reach. He decides to crouch in the doorway of one of the buildings to hide from the wind and snow, but he doesn't go inside because he does not know who lives there and he does not want to get in trouble for being somewhere he isn't supposed to be.

He opens the weird book and sees a lot of blank space to write in. There's even a pencil to write with. He'll do that while he waits for his sister. She will be here soon, and then he can stop being cold and scared. In careful, childish letters, he starts:]


A Story by Mithos Yggdrasill [...there. That sounds pretty legit. 8|a What next...?]

Once thare was a boy. He had a big sister who was reely nice and they had a lots of fun together. He was reely nice to, so everyone wanted to be frends with him.

One day the boy and his sister had to go into the scary woods. Thare was a big monster in the woods and it was reely mean and bad and everybody else was scared of it but it had to be stopped because it kept eating all the food. The boy wasn't scared of it. He was reely brave and he knew he was safe with his big sister. [...and so on. Any literary critics want to jump in on this riveting tale?]


[Thoughout the day, he can be found here and there in the village. Nobody can seem to keep an eye on him for more than 15 minutes at a time... Because he's still waiting for his sister and she still hasn't found him and he's really worried and scared. So maybe he should find her instead. The steadily falling snow will not be enough to deter this tiny juggernaut of brotherly affection as he pokes around the unfamiliar village.

In the evening, after Kaori has shown him how, he will make a super important public address.]


Um...hello everyone... [ohmygod he is so nervous, because he's never talked to so many people at one time before. but he keeps going. fidget fidget.] Has anybody seen my sister? I don't know where she is, a-and I haven't even seen her all day long. Her name is Martel... She's really tall and nice and she has lots of green hair.

[Um, what else? ...Oh!] She likes smiling, so she'll probably be smiling if you see her.

Please help me if you can, because I really wanna find her... [sdjfgsdf shutting the weird book now! >////< The lengths he goes to for his big sister...]

[OOC NOTE: Because I'm about as original as Luke fon Fabre. (rimshot!) Mithos here was mallynapped about a week ago, but I didn't feel like taking up more space in your flist than necessary. Tags will be happening with [livejournal.com profile] imasapling, and chronologically the last action thread will be Kaori. BUT HAVE AT IT, EVERYWHERE.]


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